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Another Me

December 2, 2014
By Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
Dream like you will live forever,
Live like you will die tomorrow.

My temptation kicks in at the worst possible times,
My conscience leaves me as well,
Fear disappears,
Fearlessness arrives,
I make bad choices,
Choices that practically ruin my life,
I can't control my impulses,
But they control me,
Obedience seems unnecessary,
And Rebellion swallows me whole,
While my true self stays hidden in the shadows,
And darkness comes creeping in,
I confuse my wants and needs,
I forget the difference between love and hate,
I don't know when I'm hungry,
Or if I already ate,
When Dauntless thoughts enter into my brain,
A new person comes out,
One that can't be tamed,
I'll do things I would never dare do,
And it's all, my darling, because of you.

The author's comments:

This is based on the times I have made stupid choices, (and continue to do so) when I am around the guys I like

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