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14 Little Mice

November 14, 2014
By TheMadKingHatter BRONZE, Genesee, Wisconsin
TheMadKingHatter BRONZE, Genesee, Wisconsin
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Fourteen little mice
all of them mean
One got what they deserved
and then there were thirteen

Thirteen little mice
their egos on the shelves
One had an accident
And then there were twelve

Twelve little mice
Non believers there were seven
One got what they wanted
And then there were eleven

Eleven little mice
Sad for their friends
One took a trip 
And then there were ten

Ten little mice
All waiting for their time
One couldn't wait
And then their were nine

Nine little mice
All doomed to their fates
One of them was scared
And then there were eight

Eight little mice
They were bound toward heaven
One of them found god
And then there were seven

Seven little mice
They took their picks
One had to die
And then there were six

Six little mice
All in a hive
One of them left
And then there were five

Five little mice
They barricaded the door
It didn't work
And then there were four

Four little mice
All dead to be
One was overpowered
And then there were three

Three little mice
They had no clue
One was forgiven
And then there were two

Two little mice
They didn't try to run
They took pity on each other
And then there was one

One little mouse
Who hadn't dared
They felt alone
And they alone were spared

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