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Dance Of Love

November 8, 2014
By ShadowBlossom ELITE, Boca Raton, Florida
ShadowBlossom ELITE, Boca Raton, Florida
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Memento Mori- It means that nothing lasts forever, no one is immortal, sooner or later you will die and things will come to an end. It also helps you realize that while you are living you should do the most with your life, live life to the fullest.

La La La La La

La, La La La La

Each piece of our hearts

Are slowly, slowly crumbling, crumbling, falling down

Crumbling, crumbling, falling to the ground

Round and round they spin

In this eternal dance we call love

Step by Step

Spin by Spin

Round and Round we go

We turn and spin

We dance and dance

Until our hearts are gone

We slowly spin

They slowly fall

Until we end it all

As our dance goes on

One by one is gone

Until we are the only ones left

Dancing our dances

Foolish romances...

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