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The Shy Boy and Shyer Girl

July 30, 2014
By Poisoned_Candy_Apple GOLD, Plainfield, Connecticut
Poisoned_Candy_Apple GOLD, Plainfield, Connecticut
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I am seeking, I am striving, I am in this with all my heart

I’m the shy girl
Call me Glory
And I’m here today
To share my story.

-----November 22nd, 2013
It started this day
And very early
I did my makeup
And my hair was curly

I walked in the school
Feeling exceptionally small
The day then started
And by the end, I did fall

Completely broke down
And explained my frustrations
To the Shy Boy
We’ll call him Aden

He assured me I was fine
That this was all okay
That he was the same as a freshman
And a smile grew on his face

He got me to smile too
And I warmed up to him
I became quickly content
And he became my friend
Weeks pass
And he’s always at meets
He’s a leader
He’s always catching me

Catching me glance
Catching me stare
I’d brush his arm as I pass
But I try not to care

I can’t like him
I can’t fall again
So many rejects
So many ‘just be friends’

I don’t want to get hurt
I cannot start caring
No more crushes
No more feelings
-------January, 2014
I’m in the middle of last class
When I head down to the library
I see him there
My thoughts I bury

I walk in
Head right to the desk
He walks by to his classmates
This is my personal test

I get what I need
And I start to go
But I decide to be stupid
And say hello

We talk as he leaves
And he makes a funny joke
Halfway across
And then the Shy Boy spoke

About how he can’t wait for meets
How he loves being head
I start to think
Before filled with dread

Later that night
I’m angry with myself
I missed my opportunity
I hated how I felt

I felt like a failure
I felt like a fool
I felt like an idiot
I wanted to stay away from school
---------January 29th, 2014
After the meeting
I decide to walk with him
We went to the office
Because my jacket was missing

He needed to make a call
So we went together
Down the hallway
Walking next to each other

He opened the door for me
And I let myself in
I asked about my hoodie
As he phoned kin

They found nothing
And he hung up
He then smiled at me
Reminding me of a pup

“Can I borrow your phone?”
I asked him coolly
He agreed and handed it over
And I held it truly.

Tapping buttons
And pressing the screen
I handed it back
And told him to text me

We text all night
Until my dance classes
But when I got back
I looked through my glasses

To see a message
I didn’t want to see
“Out of texts for my plan”
“Goodnight” I text across my screen

The following day
My phone is taken
My messages read out loud
From between Glory and Aden

I get home
Right around Four
I pull out my phone
And tell him the story

“She wants to set us up”
I tell him soon
“Are you considering her offer?”
I tell myself not to look like a buffoon

“I don’t know”
I write with much meaning
“I guess I just don’t want someone-
That can’t return the feelings”

“I think I can return the feelings-
If that’s okay with you”
Is all his answer says
This was too good to be true

“Yeah, I’d love that”
I reply a bit neutral
He says “I really didn’t know-
The feeling was mutual”

Finally it comes, and I ask him
“Well…would you like to go out?”
Right away I hit send
My head with little doubt

He replied in seconds
Both messages received at 4:20
All it says is “Yes”
And I just smiled plenty

The he asked something
Just a little something more
“Have you ever been-
In a relationship before?”

“Nothing serious.” I say
And he replies with “I haven’t been-
In a relationship either”
That’s what he sent.

We text for hours after
The conversation soon average
We talked and we joked
Our time lavish

----------January 31st, 2014

I go to the library
And look around
But don’t see him
He’s nowhere to be found

I scour the school
Sophomore hallway and all
But I still don’t find him
And my spirit slightly falls

I half give up
And go upstairs
I head to my locker
Completely unaware

Unaware of the fact he’s been waiting
That he’s right near my locker
Waiting for me patiently
When I’d been looking for him like a stalker

We lean against facing walls
Outside the chemistry classroom
Things are a little awkward
But it’s very cute

“Are we really doing this?”
He asked a bit shy
“I don’t see why not
Let’s just give this a try.”

He smiles widely
And give me a nod
“Okay,” He says
“Should we hug?”

“Yes” I answer
“I really like hugs” I say
I hug Aden tightly
And it made my day

The school day draws closed
And I have to run to the gym
I get my forgotten phone
And I run into him

In a rush
I greet him with “Hey”
I smile at him sweetly
I then kiss his cheek without delay

“Thank you.” I hear him say
I giggle and nod
“Of course.” I reply
I manage without flaw

He makes sure I’m going
To the tournament next day
I assure him quickly
Before having to say

That I was late for my bus
And I’d text him when I’m home
I kiss his cheek once more
And I get a ‘thank you’ before I go

We text all night
And we talk about Spanish
I tell him what little I know
And he seems impressed

But sadly dinner comes soon
Quick like an arrow
He tells me he’ll be back
And he leaves me with Te Amo

----------------February 2st, 2014

It was late
We were leaving from dinner
He had won three of his three matches
And the night was a chilling winter

He had his arm around me
He said something sweet
So I took my head off his chest
And tried to kiss his cheek

There was a jumble between us
“Sorry, I’m not too great at kisses”
“It’s okay,” I say softly
“It goes like this.”

I hold my breath
As I moved just a bit
His arm still around me
My chest felt like it was hit

I held his face in my hands
And kissed him tentatively
The world faded to nothing
As my veins pulsed ecstasy

I pulled away
And looked in his eyes
They sparkled like never before
But that was no surprise
Well, that’s how it went
That was my story
Of a Shy Boy and Shyer Girl
Of Aden and Glory

The author's comments:
This is a true story with the names changed around a little. All the "messages" are real, all the quotes are real. I was really wanting to expand my theme of writing with something happy.

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