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Part I: Silva of the Wood

July 10, 2014
By Silogram GOLD, Radnor, Pennsylvania
Silogram GOLD, Radnor, Pennsylvania
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In the land of reeféd clouds
Where moonlight glows within the mist
Where stones and caverns ford the sea
Where silver stems an iron fist
Rests a gem so purely white
That cherubs surely kissed it
And holds a power vast and dark
That wights and shadows seek it.

The Stone of White the coast protects
And Sannisar did cast a spell
To bring bloodshed to any thing
That takes the Stone from its grey dell.
And to Silva of the Wood he asked
To guard the Stone from friend and foe
He gave her a shining blessed blade
That cut steel and brought to evil woe.

But blood and blade did not deter
The Shadows of the Endless Waste
And cunning guises this Evil took
To swarm and best Silva in haste.
First forms of lilacs, dandelions
Which Silva did see through
Then the form of jay and dove
Which Silva saw through too.

The Shadow sunk to noxious acts
And took the form of Silva’s brother,
Selgor, killed in the Western Wars
Misting in from the World of Other
Silva held the blade aloft
But kneeled upon his Golden sight
Radiant stars sprung in his eyes
And he streamed color into dark night.

Silva bowed and lowered her blade
And Selgor sifted and dissolved
Then the Shadow burst o’er her head
Casting curses unresolved.
And Silva then was turned to Stone—
Evil stole the Stone of White.
And retreated to its toxic lands.
To use the Stone for witch and wight.

The author's comments:
Part I of a series.
Takes place in Easterwood, Dominion of Men and Elves, protected by Sannisar of Mist and Fog.

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