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A Water Soul

April 23, 2013
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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He swims around in a clear, cold lake,
And rides the waves of a rushing tide.
He skips on stones in a flowing stream,
And rests in pools by the ocean's side.

He bares his fangs at a passerby,
And reaches out with his chilly claws.
He glares at you with his glinting eyes,
And foams at the mouth when you retreat from his paws.

He hisses at a boat like a cat,
And tears apart the wooden hull.
He gropes inside for his helpless prey,
And swallows planks and ship masts whole.

He marches out with his sword in hand,
And his polished armor reflects the sun.
He slashes at a jutting cliff,
And fights at waves until he's won.

He drums on roofs during a rain,
And pounds at rocks in a river.
He clashes waves in the ocean's tide,
And jingles droplets that sound like silver.

He spreads his wings in a rushing surge,
And takes flight through the sky in a thunderstorm.
He soars across the ocean waves,
And lands as fast as flight was born.

He whispers softly as he trickles along,
And soothes you till you're hypnotized.
He sings sings steadily until you dream,
And giggles when you wake up dazed.

He leaps out over the ocean's waves,
And flicks his tail as he dives back in.
He flips and spins with a natural grace,
And swims away with a vanishing fin.

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