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The War

March 12, 2013
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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"I am Happy to The Point of Fear" -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

The war that's raging in my chest,
the silenced bullets under my vest,
I'll keep these secrets like the rest,
To stop the next world war...

Between your precious world and mine,
there's a war that's begun with tI'me,
If mines kept quiet we will be fine,
I suppose that's what walls are for...

The bombs are dropped across the wall,
From your oblivious hands they fall,
Though your actions are seen by all,
you seem to think that I don't see...

You act as if I saw them wrong,
As if your words are a beautiful song,
But your eyes wont be shut for long,
Soon you will have to see...

The war within is leaking out,
Ive sown my mouth shut so i wont shout,
Soon you'll end my eyes long drought,
And all will be shown to the world...

If I throw one bomb your way,
You will have no words left to say,
But they are not toys with which I play,
So not one bomb is thrown by this girl.

You think what I've said is cruel,
You think I'm harsh and am a fool,
You think with an iron fist i rule,
but all I've said is the truth you wont see.

The walls are up and strong as ever,
But my anger is very clever,
I clench my hands, but they wont last forever,
Soon the war may escape me.

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