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Wounded Woods

November 26, 2012
By HateKnuckle SILVER, Peru, New York
HateKnuckle SILVER, Peru, New York
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Oh how my wounds are swollen
They pulse both red and molten
Here in my tree I stay away
To brood of all things gone astray

I sulk in meadow, farm, and field
I cry for my wounds are not healed
The woods keep me dark and shadowed
They make me feel stark and swallowed

I feel through my open raw sores
To them my eyes are open towards
The hundred dark shades of grey
That fills my life on days like today

But today I saw some light
Unlike the forest floor life
She came to lay in the wood
Beneath my tree that she stood

Her long hair hid most of her face
But not her most prominent trait
T’was her smile that filled the mire
It set the whole woods on fire

Her eyes were like the forest and changed from grey to green
They searched the forest up and down and finally settled on me
Closer she crept to my darkened place
Brightening the darkness with her warm red face

She offered me her hand
Both pure and lightly tanned
While I am pale and dirty
Without that sun to hurt me

But she crooned and warmed the air
Felt on my skin of cold and bare
Her touch was like fire as she went up my arm
Tingling my hairs from wrist to underarm

My head started to swim
My world began to dim
I woke on the ground with cool dirt as my bed
Looking at her face as red hair covered her head

She smiled fair as ever
Fairer than the sunny weather
She giggled as I stumbled to my feet
She asked if she was the first I was to meet

I answered with a grunt
No frills, no talk, just blunt
She noticed I was wary
But she did not think me scary

She looked into me and knew everything
She did not see malevolence or menacing
She saw wounded me
A man with no glee

She gave me a big hug
With arms around me snug
From there I fell into tears
As sadness came and disappeared

I cried so hard I drenched her clothes
But she smiled just like a bow
Her eyes glistened as she well knew
My wounds were healed all the way through

My hands and legs were whole and solid
My face was ultimately flawless
I was now pure and fairly strong
So I grabbed her and hugged her long

I asked her as to what her name might be
She answered “My name is Wintergreen”
“I knew you were sad and filled with pure pain”
“And I healed you so you would be better again”

The author's comments:
Just another piece inspired by healing and my girlfriend. The healing pieces are few but very nice to have.

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