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Goodbye Innocence

February 3, 2012
By KJAngelAuthor SILVER, Holland, Michigan
KJAngelAuthor SILVER, Holland, Michigan
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With understanding comes wisdom.

One day when this is all over,
Sadly, I’ll have to admit:
I wouldn’t be who I am today
Without every second of it.

Sometimes I wish it didn’t happen,
Oh, how I long for my innocence.
Without my knowledge of this sad world,
I could live my life in bliss.

People aren’t the saints I thought,
They very well could be;
Some so twisted and oh so dark,
I wonder: were they ever like me?

Sometimes I’m so happy,
I could jump all around.
Though of course I have restraints,
My dark memories hold me down.

Why am I so unhappy?
Why is my heart in the ground?
Why can’t I be light and free?
And see the smiles all around?

One by one, the parts of me
Are buried oh so deep.
None can hear my tortured cries,
And dig them up for me.

Where’s my knight in armor,
With a heart for only me?
In the darkness, all alone;
It is him I wish to see.

I’m the damsel in distress,
The one that he must save.
There’s a dragon guarding me
But is he all that brave?

Will her save this maiden,
In these latter days?
Or will he say he’s good enough,
Without the Lord to light his way?

I want to feel my Father’s love,
Well, both of them, that’s true.
But being oh so far away,
Constantly makes me blue.

I want to feel His eyes on me,
To know I’m doing well.
I want to feel His pride, so great,
Then, my heart would swell.

I do my best to be my best,
But sometimes it’s just so hard.
I feel the singles’ sting of heart;
Which do I want more: love or the Lord?

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