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Beast of Beauty

February 3, 2012
By NovaStar BRONZE, Hartsel, Colorado
NovaStar BRONZE, Hartsel, Colorado
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Tis' scarlet rose with petals fair-encased in crystal glass-shall mark each fortnight cursed, when passed, a sand-less hour glass. In palace walls made cold and still, new forms claim all within, as they await the day when they, will be restored again. Dark guise that holds a selfish man, will stay until time shows, that true love heals a vicious heart, before death claims the rose. A girl with beauty of renown, whose heart is pure and true, if able, will break the curse's chains, and all will be made new. If before love's affirmation, appointed time does end, the winter's cruel grasp will remain, a hopeless cause to mend. Legend of the Best and Beauty, is one that is well known, the tale of how love overcame, the curse of disguised crone.

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