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It's over

December 28, 2011
By SmartTart SILVER, Beth;ehem, Pennsylvania
SmartTart SILVER, Beth;ehem, Pennsylvania
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I know that I was lying to myself, when you said yes
But I couldn't help it, I was willing to take the risk
I should've seen this coming right from the start
But I know no matter what you were going to break my heart

I thought this time was different with us
I didn't think you were going to do as you must
But I guessed I over estimated you
And you told me everything but the truth

Then when you acting so weird
I knew what was coming..., My greatest fear
SO I stuck through it and held my breath
I listen and took in everything you said

But I just don't understand
How one day you say something but the next your so bland
How could you have said you loved me
And next day you say "it can't be"

It's over now it's not supposed to feel like this
I just can't get you out of my mind quickly thinking like this
So I know I've said that I love you
And it still stands to be true

But I just can't anymore
I'm sick and tired, my heart is sore
I don't care for you no more

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