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It was just a Dream

December 17, 2011
By headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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You had no right
To hate me with pure spite
I never meant to hurt your son
I didn’t break up with him for fun
I left him because I started to waver
I felt as to our relationship was labor
My heart did not beat the same
I did not yearn for him and call his name
He loved me with all his heart
He could never imagine us apart
He imagined us going down the isle
He wanted to have a child
But it was just a dream

Before he became part of my life
I never thought I could be a wife
But he changed my thinking
I couldn’t stop singing
About love and hope
Yet life became a slick slope
I started slipping
And my heart stared ripping
My love became bent
I tried to vent
But these feelings could not reach him
I tried to fight these feelings for life or limb
But it was just a dream

You have made my life a living nightmare
You made it so I could not repair
My injured heart
But you took it and tore it apart
You made me hate life
You filled me with spite
You told others I was a tramp
You became a ramp
That sent me sky high into rumors
But I’m sure you feel it was humor
You like causing me pain?
And telling me my worth will never gain
But it was just a dream

I’m sorry you feel that way
But please allow me to say
That I am a great person
And you make people worsen
Not everyone will marry their first lover
But your continuous hover
Made it so your son lost his own thoughts
But of course you were there to fill the empty spots
Of his mind with fake facts
We all can see you putting on those acts
Always making your children out to be the good guy
When all you taught them was lies
But it was just a dream

I loved your son with all my heart
And I feel sorry that you will someday tear your family apart
But before you attack my character
Look at all the factors
Of a situation and do not harp on one small detail
Because you have now set your family up to fail
And when you realize your fault
I hope it burns like salt
In a fresh wound and helps you see the truth
Please, allow me to be proof
That you cannot take others down
And slap away your frown
But it was just a dream

Your attacks did not hurt my mind
And you will find
That I am stronger than you could ever be
Because I do not hide from reality
Please remember what you have done
And do not try to run
Because justice will surely fall
And you will finally see the true me after all
I am a great person, unlike you
So please pass on through
I will not try to attack you like you did to me
I will just wait until you see
It was all just a dream

It was all just a dream
That you created to fill the voids of yourself
But I will not hurt myself
To fulfill your dream
I will gleam
In my own light
Because I am bright
And full of grace
And will improve the human race
Unlike your horrible dreams
I will make my dreams a reality

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