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The Moon

November 13, 2011
By Chris2A GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
Chris2A GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
I am STRONG because I am weak...
I am kind because I am mean...
I am a lover because I'm a fighter...
I am fearless because I've been afraid...
I am WISE because I have been foolish...
...I live because I've died...
...And LAUGH because I've cried...

She reminds him of the moon.
Aways there and yet so distant.
Aways hiding the side of her he wants to see.

But no matter what, when he looks up, that's what he's looking for.
Not the stars but the beauty, calm, and care the moon represents.
And wishes he could see her all the time.
Be closer to her than where he is stuck on earth.

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