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Untitled Ballad

August 9, 2011
By LouLouHeartBreak GOLD, Haw River, North Carolina
LouLouHeartBreak GOLD, Haw River, North Carolina
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Deep brown eyes.
Truth, no lies.
Long black hair.
Giving me hugs, letting me know he cares.
Skin soft as velvet.
Glances that made me melt.
A voice that became my lullaby.
Never leaving me to question why.
Emotions so true.
a barrier that only you got thru.
A tough that kills.
A heart that never heals.
A boy with bidding fears.
Even through the years.
I can still feel his touch.
They say I think about him way too much.
But I simply for me its never enough.
I am neither strong nor tough.
A laugh that I love.
I never missed a hug.
A boy that understood.
And did everything he could.
A boy that I fell in love Whitley.
A boy that I truly miss.
A boy that I wish that I could once again kiss.
A boy that made he** feel like bliss.
But now he is long gone.
And everything has gone wrong.


The author's comments:
This is about my ex boyfriend Gabriel. He made me fall for him when I absolutely refused to let my guard down. Well I screwed up and now he has another girlfriend, and I will admit, I am jealous but I know that I need to let him go.

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