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July 22, 2011
By Fife-Tefe BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Fife-Tefe BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Duh... I love you. <3 and trying to explain why is like trying to explain how water taste, COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!

I saw him today
He was looking at me
I couldn’t look or pass his way
I thought of calling him babe
But I don’t know how he really feels about me.

I added him to my MySpace
And sent him a kiss on his page
He knew it was me
But I lied that it was my friend.

I couldn’t resist him
When my friend ask me "what's wrong?"
I might have said “I’m fine”
About thirty-seven times
But inside, my heart beat faster.

I’m afraid if I should tell him or not
I have to because I can’t stay with this pain anymore.

I have a crush,
I can’t tell him
Because my heart is still crushed by the one before.

I have a crush and he don’t know.

The author's comments:
dedicated to my best friend.

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