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Losing pencils

May 12, 2011
By LilyPotter BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
LilyPotter BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
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Oh, where did all y pencils go?
I've searched up high and searched down low
I bet they've fled to Tokyo
(I've lost them all. AGAIN.)

Oh, where did I leave my dignity?
When I was stung by a nasty bee
In front of the class in grade 3
(Been scared of bees since then.)

Oh where, oh where has my heart flown?
Without it I'm left all alone
Now all I do is cry and moan
(I lost it in grade ten.)

Oh, where have all my pencils gone?
I've searched and searched from dawn to dawn
And still my hunt goes on and on
(I'm writing this in pen.)

The author's comments:
I actually did write this in pen.

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