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Loving eyes

April 18, 2011
By Maddie26 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Maddie26 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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I look at you
With loving eyes
But all I can see
Is your despise

You're surrounded by friends
Every day
And a family that loves you
As you would say

But behind your smile
Is a crying heart
Wanting someone to see
Who you truly are

But there's so much more
That I want to learn
I want to help you
So you won't hurt

The more you act
Like you are content
You're only hurting yourself
Making it torment

I hope one day
You'll be able to see
You're not alone
And you have me

I want you to know
That when I look at you
My eyes see happiness
But my heart sees the real you

Don't be afraid
You're not by yourself
Weather you know it or not
I will always try and help

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