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"Just a Joke"

September 4, 2010
By The_Blackest_Rose PLATINUM, Joliet, Montana
The_Blackest_Rose PLATINUM, Joliet, Montana
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"History is the fiction we invent to convince ourselves that events are knowable and life has order and direction." --Calvin and Hobbes

It’s smiles, a laugh, a friendly poke.
An insult, but it’s just a joke.
It’s unity and it’s respect.
It’s all will know but none suspect.
It’s trusted here, the perfect hell.
And on the surface, all is well.
It’s nothing’s wrong, so please relax.
But when their own will turn their backs. . .
It’s weight and looks and attitude.
They strip each other to the nude.
It’s who did what and what went wrong
It’s who they hated all along.
It’s whispered lies and second glances,
Taking sides and taking chances.
It’s what is false and what is true,
Though makes no difference when “who” is “you.”
And when they turn their backs again,
It’s only smiles from there on in.
It’s what all know, but none will tell.
It really is the perfect hell.
It’s secret tears and public smiles.
It’s staring at their every file.
It’s smiles, a laugh, a friendly poke.
An insult. . . .but it’s "just a joke."

The author's comments:
I can't tell you how many times I've sat there listening to people bashing my friends. And not only my friends, but theirs too. It's so sick in my mind that people can betray each other like that. And it feels like I'm the only one who doesn't play along. And I'm left wondering if they know what people are saying about them. Or if they care.

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