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August 11, 2010
By PoemLoverSara PLATINUM, Tampa, Florida
PoemLoverSara PLATINUM, Tampa, Florida
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You just dont understand,
What it feels like,
To be betrayed,
To have the third strike.

You dont realize,
That i am half dead,
You dont care,
That i've lost my head.

Im the evil one,
In the bunch,
I'll kill you,
But thats just a hunch.
My jealousy is the one that hurts,
My jealousy is the one that kills,
my jealousy is the one you'll get,
My jealousy never heals.

I'm the one you have to fear,
You have to stay away,
Yeah, im strange,
You'll be scared every day.


Everyday i get jealous,
Everyday i get mad,
Everyday i am hurt,
And everyday i get sad.

When i get mad,
You dont wanna see me,
When i get jealous,
You wouldnt want me here.


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