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Essence of Summer

June 16, 2010
By Muzic4MeAlwayz SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
Muzic4MeAlwayz SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Woke up this morning to the sound of birds chirping.
The sun makes another round to greet the streets of Jersey.
Stumble toward the window and slide back the curtains.
Light kisses caramel cheeks and blinds the view of the horizon.

The ocean below saturates noses of the city with salt water.
Colossal waves challenge determined surfers to ride them.
Dolphins love the sky, and sometimes jump to the sight of star light.
The mighty water presents a smooth sound, and settles a restless baby at night.

Humidity threatens to melt flavored ice in hands.
Hot rays toast our skin fast and feed pores begging for a tan.
Coolers stand by to deliver chilled water and beer to those under aged.
Silly shades cover sweaty faces, but don’t hide the excitement of the weather change.

At night the atmosphere is dotted with fiery scraps raised by gravity.
Summer hits fill the ears of those who love to party.
Hula skirts and flower necklaces are woven to start the dancing.
Lanterns take the place of disco balls and send invitations to fireflies to join the party.

Climb in to bed under the late night darkness.
Heart still tries to calm down from all the hype and excitement.
A smile forms across my face as my body settles for sleeping.
I’ve experienced the essence of summer today, and I’ll relive it when the sun comes knocking.

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Trio123 GOLD said...
on Jul. 20 2010 at 12:27 pm
Trio123 GOLD, Sunnyvale, California
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Sweet! It reminded me of the past summers, and I really liked it.