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December 7, 2009
By JakubM GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
JakubM GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
reality is a perception of what we see in the minds eye,
therefore everyhting is reality,
and therefore every thing is possibility,
possibility that can be fulfilled.

Waves have broken over the splintered plank,
And the rudder’s salt soaked windows rotted are rank,
We are trapped here for long we will not move,
Let me taste your drained tears whilst we have time for strength my love to remove

The mountain we crashed down upon like angels simmers by ocean vent,
And the waters choke away at our bodies and souls and soon drifting we are spent,
We were hit out of nowhere and stranded by some rock,
There was no escape from the flooding room, no key to the lock,

Little rowboats move away hauntingly, serenely, away towards hope,
Eyes watching luminously, not bothering to send a life guard, or throw a rope,
Until they disappear the lights stay imbued in the mist,
Soaking salty, my tired skin like the way you kissed,

The captain they’d say goes down with his ship,
There were never such lies uttered by common man lip,
Groaning the pressure bends the hull and the hope of rescue bids farewell,
So in the ocean I must far away from you, sadly dwell.

But where are you now, and where is your voice,
There would I be had the ocean given me a choice,
Last sight that I had swallowed was your forlorn form drifting away on driftwood,
The darkness throwing over your eyes and voice a dark hood,

The ship groaned and the pressure ripped to pieces its frame,
And not clinging for anything to life I let to die by grief’s shame,
The ocean took me in the tears of its eyes and swept me away off course whilst I would sleep,
It’s entombing green depths taking my soul to reap,

Stranded on the sand past the reef I woke to find skies clear and blue,
The hope that the sun sang I knew was not true,
In the storm through the clouds and the pain,
I prayed you saw the lighthouse and shore through the rain,

And there was naught of you that I had to hold to my heart,
Death in your soul had played out His part,
I wished to lay beside you in your sleep,
But wishing to live I could not make that leap,
So this is the end and we all fade away,
The memories drained into the ocean sunk mountain clay,
You were the blood in my veins, the color in my sight, and now the water in my lungs,
Stranded in the sea trying to climb a ladder with broken rungs,

This is our end and I wished it had ended with you,
Not by the ocean nor the cliff wishing for the thoughts of seeing my love being true,
Away licked by tears I see the ship so far away,
And I wished not to live this day,

Rocked to sleep gently I will curl here and wait for you until the end,
Alone in this room, hoping that God my soul and heart will mend,
And far away the ocean and your voice ever so hauntingly cry,
Goodbye my Love, good night and goodbye.

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