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Bored to Death

November 3, 2009
By NightMareB4Christina SILVER, Turnersville, New Jersey
NightMareB4Christina SILVER, Turnersville, New Jersey
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"On a long enough time scale, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

Oh Alice, my dear
Where have you gone?
Down the rabbit hole, I fear,
As we played on the lawn?
Oh I brought you there
And bored you to death.
So you ran off with the hare-
Alice, are you deaf?
I'm calling for you, can't you hear me?
Eyes shut and still
I'm trying to see
Past the mock-turtle's bill.
Tweedledee and Dum, they vex me so!
Won't you tell them to stop?
They'll listen, you know
The secrets and whatnot
To the blasted Wonderland
With such a tiny figure
On the beach, in the sand.
Take a bite to get bigger,
Now escape the queen.
Oh Alice, wake up!
From this wonderland dream.
Enchanted, so transfixed
In this horrifying new place
A grin in the air
But there's no face!
A man drinking tea
With a mouse in the pot
The queen guillotine
That shall leave you to rot.
While you're there, frolicking
Watch a game of croquet
Played by a woman so bizarre
You need watch you say,
Or court will give you a scare.
Not once in blessed England
Was something so unfair.
Who could survive a trip,
A fall so tall?
But you're here,
Perfectly fine, not harmed at all.
Even unconscious,
You grin like the cat.
Celebrate your unbirthday
With madmen and rats.
At tea, they call,
"Move down! New cup!"
Oh you silly things,
I'm quite fed up.
Bloody sister, you like this
Or you wouldn't stay.
Now awake and listen
To what I have to say!
Let's return home
And read picture-less books.
Tell no one this tale
To avoid their odd looks.
Alice, did you hear me?
I demand you awake!
I know you don't want to go
But please, for my sake?
Why are you so cold?
And what is this red?
I guess the queen wasn't jesting.
She had off with your head.

The author's comments:
So this is (obviously) about Alice in Wonderland.

In my imagination, Alice got bored of her life and went back to the tree where she and her sister sat the afternoon before she had her Wonderland dream. In an attempt to copy that occurrence, she climbs the tree and falls, thus breaking her neck.

Her sister, who's absolutely disgusted and quite a bit fearful of her adventures and fantasies, at first chastises Alice for being so foolish but then realizes her sister isn't alive.

Er...I'm twisted, aren't I?

Of course, all of this truly belongs to Lewis Caroll.

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on Apr. 12 2010 at 3:52 pm
VampiericRain GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
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Would you like a side of epic with that fail?

When I was reading, I could only think of the new alice in wonderland movie. I love both this piece and the movie. The rhyming was awsome and how it was from her sisters point of view. Absolutley amazing. Would you mind looking at a few of my pieces? I think you might like them and I would love your opinion. :)