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December 16, 2022
By karinagurevich PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
karinagurevich PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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great prometheus still holds the torch,
and restless flames lick his hands in burns.
lovely ashes on which eagles gorge,
beaks smeared with the bloody fate he earns.

he punished the old gods, plagued the earth,
cleansed the charred soil and cursed the waters.
he tricked the divine, swore false rebirth,
beast bringing fire where mankind falters.

rivers ran dry when his teeth he bared,
the sky blue remnants staining the sea.
the ceiling shattered and wide eyes stared,
fractals feigned raining down; “we are free.”

the titan said “use this light to guide,
use this light to see your gleaming tears.”
forget the covenant where dawn died,
we scorch the afterglow with deaf ears.

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