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November 19, 2022
By Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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I had a fear last Monday,

then it came true yesterday.

I remember I was being so paranoid,

my brain felt like it was in a void.

The schedule was put up,

and there was no water in my cup,

To quench my thirst.


Anxiety, stress and pressure,

To reduce it at least a little bit,

I had to butter the teachers with some good gestures.

Something felt weird,

Maybe it was my beard that I dreamt about,

Or some excuses that I was going to tell

In the name of doubts.


Maths always made me so flummox,

That it felt like the numbers were slugs.

I didn’t want to mug up anything,

That is why I had an excuse,

About the ink (that leaked).


The exams had gotten over

Now it was not the time

To be so solemn and sombre.

Finally, I became joyful,

But the fear again kicked in.

The schedule that I threw in the bin,

Would return to haunt me,

Next term so now it was time to be

Happy and glee.

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