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A peaceful life

September 14, 2022
By Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
Sai_Singh117 SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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A peaceful Life


Life is complicated, like the sun.

It has its own good and its own bad

Sometimes life can be happy or sad

Everyone doesn’t live like the person they want to be.


Give a poor person even one rupee

He will jump in joy like he has received some philosophy

Life has a lot of happy moments

And we should live it at the fullest

And have the smile that is the purest.


Imagine a life without guns

It would add more fun

No war, no drugs

Only kisses and hugs.


Why do people slaughter one another

For no reason, or the other

Indeed, some wants a happy life

But we can change it for the better

Just believe in yourself

And help reach the milestone

And remember we can’t do it alone.

Do it as a team, do it together

Let’s make a dream come true

And not make our life sound like Monday blue.


Written by Sai Singh

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