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June 9, 2022
By sasaga7 GOLD, Parsippany, New Jersey
sasaga7 GOLD, Parsippany, New Jersey
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trust yourself, believe yourself, and watch yourself grow

How long have I known you?

Ever since we were two.

How could you do this?

How are you living in bliss?

How long can you contain it?

Do you think I’d take it?

I cannot understand

What do you demand?

Because of your lie

I’ll be super dry.

I will never trust

Ever so easily just.

Because of your lie

I’ll never try

To tell you the truth

Since you broke the friendship of our youth.

The author's comments:

One of my best friends has lied to me for more than half the time we were friends. I'm really upset and frustrated, but I'm mostly hurt. I hope you know that you're betraying yourself more than anyone.

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