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a forebode to love

December 11, 2019
By emmahaley BRONZE, Venice, Florida
emmahaley BRONZE, Venice, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Be the good you wish to see in the world

bricks come crashing

to the ground

a wall in shambles

once was sound


take an axe

to a tree full of life

chopped at its root

for others delight


a meteor starts

aflame in the sky

but turns to dust

when all the sparks die


a loving whisper

soon will turn to a shout

even the brightest things burn out

The author's comments:

I have been writing for a few years now and recently recovered this piece from when I wrote about a seemingly perfect love unexpectedly dying out. I love this poem because of its simplicity to read yet deep meaning when you take a second look and how euphonic it is despite having more of a dismal theme. The title is a play on “an ode” to a particular thing by saying “a forebode” instead to expand on the idea that even the good will still end. 

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