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The Girl

May 17, 2019
By c_doc24 SILVER, Lafayette, New Jersey
c_doc24 SILVER, Lafayette, New Jersey
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"Not all who wander are lost."

The ‘cool popular girl’ twirled through the halls.

Dancing past the bathroom stalls.

Ignoring the people who spoke

Making sure their feelings broke

Who knew what was in store

Or what was lurking behind the door?


Giggling with friends as she flipped her hair

The scent of her perfume filling the air

Then, a boy bellowed, ‘Look, up ahead!’

A boy was lying on the ground, his arms spread

The girl felt worried, but not concerned

But that couldn’t stop her stomach to churn


‘You,’ he feebly muttered ‘you’

The girl’s lips blew

But she couldn’t stop from thinking

What if shecaused his jinking?

She could have been rude

Or even slightly crude

To the boy on the ground

That she had found


The girl agreed

That is was she who caused him to bleed

Though not through actions

But through simple factions

Perhaps by disregarding him in class

Or intimidating him in the summer grass


There he lay

In the bright of day

After falling on purpose

Not in the scirpus

But on the hard, rough school floor

After being abhorred.

The author's comments:

This piece is to show the side of the 'popular' girls, and how they intimidte people, and make them feel worthless. It is a ballad, with serious rhyming (took me some time) that should make you feel dejected for the boy.

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