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Ballad Of The Flower Child

September 22, 2018
By notTopher SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
notTopher SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes."-Alan Watts

I met her in the meadow

Hair down to her knees;

Oh please!

Learn some professionalism

Earn some modesty

You look like a mess

Quite honestly.


I saw her again today

She was in the cafe

Flower in her hair

Matching her espresso

Stuck in the past

Grow up child!

And do it fast.


I visited the art museum last night

The girl was there.

Wild unkempt hair.

Staring at the nudes.

Am I too shrewd?

No. I am right.

And that's the story of last night.


The weekend has arrived.

I spent the night at a bar.

I saw the girl drinking a daiquiri

And I cannot understand it

For the life of me

How can she stand to look like that

This is a world of business

She must be fearless


Back to work today

Back in my cubicle

I worked overtime

Its fine.

I'm fine.

I enjoy my job.


I ate out this evening

She sat at another table

I see her everywhere

I see her in the morning

I see her on the street

I see her at the Restaurant

I see her when I eat


I went to the meadow today

She was having a bite

An apple as red as her lips

She was quite a sight

with a flowery dress on her hips

When will I see her again?


I saw her again this morning

Should I say hello?

I'm not very interesting.

Maybe I should just go.

She's not good for me.

I'm a man of business.

She lives to be free.


I went to a baseball game

Took the day for myself

And then she came

She sat nearby

She was so beautiful

Time flew by

I missed the game.


I think I want to meet this girl

She lives to be free

I live in my office

I work day and night

Oh! But what is it about me

That she would want to see?


Back to work today

Back in my cubic cell

Droning on over a computer

How long it's been I cannot tell

Working to the same old tune

But I do know one thing

I gotta get out of here

I gotta get out of here soon


I saw her again this morning

I see her in my dreams

I see her in my coffee

I see her in my cubicle

I want to break free

I need to meet her


I spoke with the girl today

She plays music

I must have bored her

She sings songs

I know I bored her

I won't talk to her again

I guess it's come to an end


She spoke to me!

I did not expect this! Never!

She wants me to follow my dreams

I'm bursting from the seams

There is a problem, however

She wants me to follow my dreams.

What dreams?


I visited the art museum once more

I went to the same exhibit as before

I soon got to thinking

I checked the nudes

I thought they were improper

My family is a bunch of prudes


I wish I could talk to her

But I haven't found my dream

I cant return with nothing

I'd be a failure

Maybe she doesn't want to see me

Maybe this is her scheme


Back to work today

I have returned to my hell

This place is a jail cell

I think I should quit

But where then would I go?

Where could I go?

I'll keep working in the meantime.


I asked her how she does it.

I asked how she lives for herself

She said to find my passion

Do what I love

Take my hobby and make a guess

This has caused me a lot of stress


Back to the art museum

I never realized how beautiful it is

I wish I could paint.

I don't want to wait.

Why can't I paint?

That's it! I found my passion!

I think I'm going to faint.


It was open mic night at the bar

She sang a song about love

Her voice is so beautiful

She's going to be a star

She must be out of my league

I won't make it very far.


I'm taking art classes now

I'm not very good.

Maybe I should just quit.

I'll keep painting for now.

Tomorrow is another day.

Maybe I'll find another way.


Back to work today.

I decided I've had enough.

I'm quitting my job.

I'm going to do it! I will!

I'm done waiting!

I'm taking life into my hands!

I'll clear out my cell

And exit this boring hell.


Oh my god I quit.

I'm terrified! what will I do?

I feel like a giant failure.

My life depends on this art class.

I must pass.


Time has passed.

The classes have ended.

I have really come into my own.

I grew a love like I've never known

I see her again today

What will she say?

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