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The Canoe

June 23, 2018
By amarawiley GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
amarawiley GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
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On the canoe

Toes on the canoe

My heart and mind on you.

I hushed us to hear

Lily pads and strands of lake goo

Rush under the boat

Thinking it was bugs

Whispering to us.

No, the water has secrets

and we are reflected in it

As the sun swims to the bottom in

Tunnels made of light.

You say it's beautiful how they move

and I echo.

You are beautiful.

pushing off dead trees with oars

floating freely, of course

I'll put on your sunscreen.

You splashed me and I shook the canoe

My shorts and the towel got wet too

the dragonflies hum as they shimmer sky blue

Through polarized shades I gaze at you.

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