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April 6, 2009
By ThereIsAlwaysHope GOLD, Belfast, Other
ThereIsAlwaysHope GOLD, Belfast, Other
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Favorite Quote:
'Miles to go before I sleep'
- Robert Frost

I sit in the seat opposite you.
I’m expecting a reaction; what will you do?
You glance at me and then look away.
How can you not recognise me?
I look like you, or so they say.

We ran from you, so many years ago.
But I thought that you would know.
I was expecting you to recognise me,
At the very first sight.
But obviously, I was kidding myself
You never got it right.

You always had your priorities in the wrong order.
1. Drugs
2. Alcohol
3. Violence
4. Reputation
5. Money
6. Control
7. Kids

Yes, that right, I was always at the end of the list.
My brother and I, we got no bedtime kiss.
Instead you were off, smoking yourself to death.
And to most people it will seem mean, but I couldn’t care less.

You ruined my life and I will never forgive you.
You hurt my mum, and I will never forget.
You made so many promises to my brother and me.
So many promises, promises you never kept.

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Phoenixx GOLD said...
on Oct. 7 2010 at 4:41 pm
Phoenixx GOLD, Toronto, Other
17 articles 0 photos 184 comments
OH MY GOSH!!!! i really like this, its amazing. The way you wrote it and the way it flows, its perfect. I'm just totally awed by this. I would really appreciate if you checked out my work. I'm really sorry for what you had to go through with your dad.

on Apr. 16 2009 at 10:57 pm
psycholinzmeier GOLD, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
10 articles 0 photos 42 comments
strong voice, many ppl can relate to this, great writing