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Today I Think

April 4, 2009
By Free_spirit BRONZE, Fort Myers, Florida
Free_spirit BRONZE, Fort Myers, Florida
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Today I think. Think of love. L.O.V.E, A four letter word, I'ts like a phycotic drug. a drug that hypnotizes your brain. Love, to fall like rain. R.A.I.N. The rain to some people is depressing, but to be it is pure joy. If you listen to it closely, their dancing to a new song. A song of death, sorrow, love, or happiness.
You can cry in the rain you know? And no one can tell. The only thing you cant do is yell. Yell, hollar, scream, and shout. Outside your fine and perky, but on the inside your drowning in your own tears. Tears... Makes me think of why they are rolling down my cheeks. Pure hatred, love or heart break. So, Today I think, I think of everything that comes to me.

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