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Why A Crush?

February 20, 2009
By SareyZ GOLD, Lakehills, Texas
SareyZ GOLD, Lakehills, Texas
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Why do they call it a crush,
Especially if it means so much?
When a feeling develop,
There’s just no getting over it,
The feeling that if they asked you out,
You’d say yes lickety-split.
Crushes can be fun, when joking around with your pals,
You tell them yours, and they’ll giggle and they’ll howl.
But the truth of the matter is this,
You’re just drooling over another person you’ll probably never get to kiss.
After all, it’s practically accordingly named,
A crush is just one who’ll cause your heart some pain.
A crush will crush your hopes and your dreams,
That’ll get you thinking back to reality.
So why try so hard, why even try?
Everyone knows a crush will just make you cry.
It’s kind of like stepping out on a limb,
If you fall, you can just get back up again.
Still, if you discover the truth of your crush and it hurts,
Where was the adventure? As soon as it started, it’s over.
Why even have a crush?
Especially when one single person can do so much.
The pain, the misery, the disappointment in your eyes,
It hurts, but you have no right to despise.
After all, it was a harmless thing, right?
What’s wrong in thinking of one every single night?
Well, it’s the thought that counts,
And that holds true in every amount.
Why even set yourself up for a let-down,
After that, you’d be wearing a frown.
Don’t sweat the small stuff, and nothing should go wrong,
Instead, think of something else, sing a joyful song.
Something will happen when it’s meant to be,
Time will tell, and heal all wounds eventually.
Don’t develop a crush, don’t depend on thoughts of someone to get you through the night,
Follow my simple rules of advice, and you’ll be quite alright.

The author's comments:
Though I personally haven't really felt all that heart-broken from a crush that didn't advance further, it's not a fun feeling realizing the sad truth.

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