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My Natural Escape

April 3, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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Way too many. I have a quotebook on facebook in my notes. It contains quotes from the Bible, myself, and others. ^_^

Here, I lay
On the dewy grass
Looking at the blue skies
And distant sun

Breezes caress my face and body
Bringing the scents of spring
Birds sing overhead
With their songs of peace and love

Trees sway like elegant waves
As their colors flash in the sun
Bees buzz like a kitten’s purr
As they drink the splendors of pollen

Clouds swirl like twirling dancers
Forming shapes of many arts
A drizzle of rain refreshes this world
With the sun glistening its drops

This world is where I go
For purposes of wanting peace,
To think of deep thoughts,
Or to be my natural escape

In the end
When I say goodbye
To go back to society
A question pops in my head

Why can’t the world be as peaceful as this?

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