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The Caterpillar

April 3, 2009
By bubblylittledancer PLATINUM, Waterloo, Iowa
bubblylittledancer PLATINUM, Waterloo, Iowa
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Munching, crunching,
Searching for new leaves,
Overturning the overlooked,
The caterpilar eats.

Crawling across the wooded ground,
Searching for a meal,
Each and every little form,
The caterpillar feels.

Slowly day evolves to noon,
The sluggish caterpllar begins his coccoon.

The caterpillar sleeps, shhh,
Time slowly passes by,
Soon the cocoon bursts,
Then emerges a butterfly!

The author's comments:
for my writing class at school, we had to write a poem about a caterpillar, i kind of like it, so here it is!

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