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White Castle in the Sky

April 3, 2009
By bubblylittledancer PLATINUM, Waterloo, Iowa
bubblylittledancer PLATINUM, Waterloo, Iowa
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White castle in the sky,
Resting weightlessly upon the atmosphere,
Light puffs of cloud camoflauge its existence,
But it is there nonetheless.

It eludes the thoughts of many,
The destination that is well-sought,
White castle in the sky.

Fortress of the unknown,
Filled with the unknowing,
Drifting along a featherlight breeze,
High above all earthly things.

No storms or shadows exist,
In the White Castle of the Sky,
For few will ever witness,
They return longing for their castle.

A kingdom so difficult to comprehend,
For it is only the tiny corner,
Of a realm we long to discover.

The author's comments:
The white castle is something i dream of, it's kind of like my 'happy place' for tough situations, i picture my castle, so... yeah.

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