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Blood Stained Pages

April 1, 2009
By BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
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oh, what a troubled web we weave when we first practice to deceive

A blank sheet of paper is to a new bourn baby
As to a full book is to a wise elder
As for me, I have a note pad with blood stained pages
Wet with tears
And laced with fears

For my note pad has been tatterd and tworn in to shreds by my Author
My book has barly begun and
As for regrets
I have none
For many a years I have been afraid of what characters my Author could take away in the blink of an eye

He has given me hope, tworn it away
and done it over again
But now there is a new chapter in my story and maybe this one will not end baddly or sadly
I guess I will get to ride this one out for as long as I can

But for my next chapter...I would love it if the Author is still here to help me make it through the pain he has caused

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