My Fallen Angel

December 30, 2017

She's not perfect, but she's beautiful. 

She's not perfect, she's only hman. 

She's not popular, but she's my Angel. 
She's not scarless like other girls, but her scars are just the past. 

She's not hopeful, but I'll give her all the hope I can.

She doesn't believe in herself, so I'll tell her everyday she is until she believes. 

She doesn't have a whole heart, it's broken, but I'll do everything to fix it.

She doesn't think anyone can love her, I'll show her how much I lover her day by day.

She's not normal, but that's what makes her great. 

She feels alone, so I'll be by her side.

She feels unwanted, but she's all I want. 

She feels worthless, but if she gives me the chance I'll show her, her worth. 

She feels heartless, but she has the biggest heart out there. They call her fat, but they don't know she starves herself to meet their expectations.

THey say she's emo, but she only likes those bands and she only trys to cover the scars. 

Nobody  knows her like I do, but they wont even give her a chance. 

They think she's weird, but I think she's perfect.

She's not perfect to you, but she's the love of my life. 

She is my fallen Angel.

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