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Freshly Cut

March 22, 2009
By alexzisbabe SILVER, Litchfield Park,, Arizona
alexzisbabe SILVER, Litchfield Park,, Arizona
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There was once a young boy and girl
Who had fallen in love and were stuck in a swirl
Of winding events that they didn’t see coming
Because they didn’t know that love wasn’t always so loving
They were too young to care and didn’t understand
That love and life were similar they are like roses at hand
The thorns can be cut, but they always come in the end
Like Juliet the girl was blinded by love
And was addicted to the boy, like a drug
Unfortunately this boy that we see
Was doing other things and living too free
He didn’t give a care about her feelings at all
But like Juliet put everything aside, even the flaws
The relationship kept growing for months and for months
Then it came to an end along with all the bumps
She thought she had missed all the thorns in a rose called love
When it reality when she started it had just been freshly cut
And there was stillroom to grow so the thorns eventually were to come

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