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June 8, 2017
By Daizee GOLD, Pretoria, Other
Daizee GOLD, Pretoria, Other
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I am in love with a person who will never love me.
The words I am saying to you, I imagined myself saying them to someone else,
But at this stage you will have to do.
Every time you hold me I imagine his arms around me, they have been there once before that’s why I am able to recall this feeling with such ease.
Only problem is that I was only a pass time activity, a temporary euphoria,
Something to do when the is nothing to do, only remembered when the is nothing else on his mind.
That’s why I am stuck here with you, having to empty out my heavy heart, because those unsaid I love you weigh a ton on my fragile heart so I carry them out carefully so they won’t break when  I say them to you.
I let you say it back to me in his voice
Encompassing me with happiness,
Drowning me in warm waters.
How I long to be in my lover’s arms but you will have to do
Until he realises that he belongs to me

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