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March 15, 2009
By Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
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Is it really that important to find the one in this life?

Why rush into finding the right person you'll live by?

I find that teenagers are rushing into these things,

without understanding the responsibility that it brings.

I get so frustrated how people must depend,

on someone else to the heal the heart that needs to mend.

What did women fight for? But some needs and respect?

And we give it all up to lay beside someone in bed.

We feel lost by ourselves, were is our independence?

We give it all so we feel excepted.

But I guess there are two sides to every story,

love can be mean and love can be gory.

But love can also be nice,

rather than cut you like a knife.

It can make you feel special,

rather than on a lesser level.

So I do admit I don't blame thoughs who fall for another,

this is my second time and it keeps getting better.

All I am saying is don't lose yourself,

keep doing what is right for you, and play the cards you are delt.

Keep falling and love apart from your dreams and don't depend on someone else to keep you happy.

Life is too short to put that weight on your shoulders,
believe in yourself as the years go by and you get older.

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