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Dead Without You

March 15, 2009
By Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
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I wouldn't last a minute
I would be dead without you
I stargaze too much
And hold on until the last string breaks
My heart falls to the ground
Nothing left but a puddle of blood
Stabbed through and through
I just couldnt take it anymore
I was tired of the hurt
There was nothing left to lose
Don't you understand?
I'm gone now, goodbye
The puddle of blood is the only thing left
You were to late
I love you
I tried to stay her
I tried, I really did
Please, forgive me
With my last five breathes
I cursed the world
But with my last one, I spoke your name
I tried, I really did
I love you, please forgive me

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