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ode to purple hair tie

February 14, 2017
By Jenifer_cornejo SILVER, Sacramento, California
Jenifer_cornejo SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Ode to Purple Hair Tie

Oh purple hair tie,
I spin you around like a merry go round.
I hear the snap when you hug my arm
I slap you against my wrist when I’m nervous,
You relax me.
You hug my hair when I wear you
as I wrap you around, fear hits
our bond will soon break, my purple friend.
Our memories will forever stay with me.
The time I left you on the hot sand
waiting for me, alone with fear.
The time you saw a crowd of people.
As the sky starts to darken each day,
My love for you gets closer and closer.
Your tongue hangs out, exhausted

The author's comments:

insprired by how much i love my purple hair tie.

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