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Until That Day Comes

March 14, 2009
By xx19babytavy94xx BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
xx19babytavy94xx BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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You were always there
As long as I can remember.

Whenever I needed help and answers
You were real, not a pretender.

When I got in trouble all those times
You helped me change my ways.

With you my gratitude
And unconditional love forever stays.

He never knew when enough was enough
You finally told him - for your life - who's boss.

I'm so hapy you got out
But I'm full of this undying sense of loss.

Kyle and Kahlil don't count
A brother's just a boy.

You understood me
You listened to what I had to say.

I miss you so much
I still think o you to this day.

When i was punished
You let me cry on your shoulder.

Time's passing by fast
And I'm getting older.

But I know you'll come back
Maybe not for them, but for me.

Years have passed since I've seen you
Oh, what a day that'll be.

To wrap my arms around you
And feel your hair brush my cheek.

I'll be so happy then
That I'll forget how to speak.

We can even catch up
On all the stuff we've had to miss.

But until that day comes
I'll still love you, big sis.

The author's comments:
This poem was written from my little sister's perspective. Some stuff's gone down so i don't really get to see her much anymore and we've been out of contact for almost over a year. I miss her a lot and I'll continue to lover her until that day comes where things can go back to normal.

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