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Good Morning, Angela

March 9, 2009
By Brittany Roker BRONZE, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Brittany Roker BRONZE, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
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The sky appeared black
with depressing dots
that resembled stars,
as it guided a girl
to the spirits of heaven.
It had been this way for years,
ever since It happened.

The 16 year old's eyes,
so empty with fear and melancholy.
Thoughts of the past flashed before her eyes.
She remembered It.

She remembered that day,
when two girls laughed.
Their laughter was like the sound of music,
appealing and a signal of happiness.
They danced around the park,
and dashed towards a sandbox.
One girl was five and the other was three.

It followed the girls,
waiting for the perfect time to attack.
Seeing them happy made It sick,
and the clear skies and humid weather didn't help It either.
It thrived on misery and depression.

It would have failed the mission,
but the older girl tripped over a rock
in the sand box.
A rock,
black like the sky today,
and scary like death.

It taunted the girls,
like an itch that they couldn't scratch.
It smiled at them,
as if it were playing games with them.
It was the most unbearable event,
that they couldn't erase from her mind.
It was death.

Death confronted the older girl,
who had just fallen.
crying like a baby,
tried to be strong,
for she had sensed that death would be coming for her.
Her wet face turned to fear,
for being confronted by death was like opening Pandora's box.
Her leg continued to ooze with blood,
and the wound became infected.
Death moved closer.
It was face to face with the girls.

The stars brought Annie to the spirits of heaven,
a place with symbolism and bodies that lay beneath the surface.
Annie sat next to the stone,
engraved with a girl's name.
A small tear dropped from her eye,
as she tried to hide her emotions.
'Good morning, Angela.
How is my little sister today?'

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