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October 5, 2016
By jiggleypandaaaa BRONZE, Wilmington , California
jiggleypandaaaa BRONZE, Wilmington , California
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       For 7 th period I have dance,it’s fun but not a lot. It’s when all the  7 th and 8 th graders dance in  the GYM together .We are doing a dance for the school where the 7 th graders will dance around all the 8 th graders. But when we are going  to dance for the school, there are going to be only 8 th graders dancing .Why? Because the 7 th graders are going to be moved and new ones are going to come in.So that leaves  the 7 th graders no time to learn the dance.The song is going to be a remix of 2015 hits, like “7/11”,”Sorry”, and “Where Are You Now”,those are some of the songs in the remix.

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