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The Soul That's Left

March 4, 2009
By Green_Eyed_Irish PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
Green_Eyed_Irish PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
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The soul that's left is bleeding
With your hands twas torn apart
Yet still you are proceeding
So, to break this lovers heart.

Black Ink you are to me
Now, upon this white hued skin.
Tattooed oh so far south
Faint of heart would never see.

But every day I see,
Every day I feel the pain.
You couldn't let it be,
Now my sweet tears fall like rain.

My skull is crushed to powder,
Beneath black working boots.
My golden hair now streaked with blood,
My mind screams ever louder.

My twisted limbs are breaking,
To and fro they have been torn.
Your hate filled words are making
Life and love and seem ever worn.

Behind these green eyes dark and dull
Once lived eyes green and bright,
They laughed because my heart was full
and shone like stars of night.

But now the moon and stars they fell,
The black night sky is empty.
You took your hand and wiped them down,
Into the depths of hell.

I wish I could go back in time,
And never see your face.
You never would have crossed the line,
Or made my heart change pace.

You never would have held my hand,
I never would have let you.
We never would have shared a smile,
Or loved that distant land.

I would have stayed with mommy dear,
And loved my dollies too.
I would have kept my daddy near,
And never dreamt of you.

My soul would be completed still,
My spirit it would soar,
My green eyes, they would shine again,
My heart, with love, would fill.

I'd run and skip and laugh and play,
I'd day dream in the sun.
I'd once again, sing all the day,
I'd still want to have fun.

But now I cry a lot at night,
And sulk during the day.
I do not feel like singing,
No, I shield my face from light.

I hate you man for leaving me
But love you still I do.
I'll savor this last thought, with glee,
That maybe, you loved me too.

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