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My Barrier

February 26, 2009
By simplyshelby SILVER, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
simplyshelby SILVER, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
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I don't understand this wall that I'm building.
I wish it would come tumbling down.
This life isn't worth living
And I feel like I'm starting to drown.

There's nothing that will knock it over,
There's no one that will try.
I thought that you had smashed it
When you told me goodbye.

Everyday it grows larger
With each piercing pain.
Slowly it's strength
Will be harder to maintain.

Every tear becomes a brick
Building up to the top.
Soon it will be
Impossible to stop.

I want to break it down
Piece by piece
But the pain slowly makes
The bricks harder to release.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after I started talking to my school counselor and I realized that I couldn't just go in her office and tell her what I wanted because I had this huge wall up that I couldn't seem to break down. I want so badly to break it down and tell her everything, but the pain that I have gone through keeps me from letting go.

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