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Ode to the lost

March 2, 2009
By Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
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Oh the lost
How they wander so
The blackness in their eyes
So dark rimmed with fear
Their faces pale as chalk, morbid in confusement
Like trees they reach to untold depths
Their call sickened with screeching
Aimlessly they wander
No choices do they make
They act upon terrifying instincts
They hate that breathe of life they were created from
Though they created themselves
Their minds are overwhelmed
Tides of horror embrace their living corpse
Their cards were dealt they played them wrong
They linger in that round that's past
They choose to linger in their own nightmares
Dying more within with every resurrected memory
Until that man with black robes and sheath comes to knock on their door
Do they snap their heads back into reality, and walk the other way.

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