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A House on the Hill

February 25, 2009
By jonathan soto BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
jonathan soto BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Freshly watered spring fields
Litter the road
As I travel back home

Take a minute
To see the beauty
So dearly missed

In the fragrant field
A decaying building
Emerges out of the abundance of flowers

The contrast, intriguing
Pulls me closer
To inspect that old home

Oddly familiar
As if a picture I had seen
In previous youth

Upon entering
I notice the layout is similar to that of my childhood home
Yet the rooms are empty and the house abandoned

The smell of freshly baked bread and apple pie
Greet my nose
The smells that had been missed in the past

Flashes of past birthdays
And images of Christmases
Flood my mind

Squeaks from the loose bottom steep
As when I was young
Sneaking down to get a late night snack

I was home
Or where I had called home
In previous years

The house had pulled an emotion out of me
That had been absent for many years
Cheerful yet saddening

That is felt at home
Looking at pictures of past years
Recalling the smells of joyous occasions
And reopening my eyes to a world lost in time

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